Please give us a call if you have any trouble with directions. We have a sign, similar to the logo above, on the highway between miles 10 and 11.

Please call if you have any trouble with directions (406.823.9683). We have a sign with the same design as our logo (above) on the highway at the turnoff between miles 10 and 11 (we are 10.8 miles north of downtown Gardiner).

From I-90:

  • Take exit 333 for US-89 S toward City Center/Yellowstone National Park
  • After 42 miles, you should see our sign at 1083 US-89 on the right. Set your odometer to avoid missing the turn.
  • Coming from I-90, you will pass a marker for mile 11. We are on the right before you hit mile marker 10.
  • Sphinx Drive is on the left just before our turn on the right. If you hit Cabin by the River or Creek 8 Rd you've gone too far.

From Yellowstone National Park north entrance:

  • Exit the park and head northwest on US-89 N into Gardiner.
  • Cross the bridge over the Yellowstone River and continue heading north.
  • Follow US-89 N for 10.8 miles and look for our sign on the left. Set your odometer to avoid missing the turn!
  • You will pass a marker for mile 10. We are on the left before you hit mile marker 11.