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Yellowstone Area Information

The North Yellowstone Lodge & Hostel is located on US Highway 89, 10 miles north of Gardiner, Montana. Gardiner is a full-service community at the north entrance of Yellowstone National Park. The Yellowstone River borders our 2.5 acre property. 

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    Area Facilities & Amenities:
  • Nearest Airport - Bozeman (75 miles)
  • Nearest Grocery - Gardiner (10 miles)
  • Nearest Restaurants - 4 miles, or in Gardiner (10 miles) or Emigrant (20 miles)
  • Bakery - Gardiner or Emigrant
  • Pharmacy - Gardiner
  • Bank - Gardiner
  • Auto Repair - Gardiner
  • Gas Stations - Gardiner
  • Outdoor Gear Stores - Gardiner
  • Clinic - Mammoth Hot Springs (15 miles)
  • Hospital - Livingston (42 miles)
  • Hot Springs - Boiling River (in Yellowstone National Park, 13 miles) or Chico Hot Springs (25 miles)
    2014 Events
  • Gardiner Rodeo and Parade - June 13 & 14
  • Livingston Roundup Rodeo and Parade - July 2-4
  • Livingston Summerfest Outdoor Music Festival - July 18-20
  • Gardiner Brewfest, Arch Park - August 16
  • Big Bear Stampede Trail Run, Gardiner - September 20
  • Livingston Farmers Market - Every Wednesday 4-7pm through mid-September, Sacajawea Park
  • Bozeman Farmers Market - Every Tuesday 4-7pm, Bogert Park
Average High Temp - 62
Average Low Temp - 36
Average Monthly Precip - 1.78”
May can be anything from cool and cloudy to bright, sunny and quite warm. It's a great time to see wildlife - bison calves, pronghorn and deer fawns - all through Yellowstone National Park and the Gardiner Basin. Elk shed their winter coats and look sleek and trim. Grizzly bear cubs stay close to mom but are occasionally seen in open meadow areas. The valley grass turns green and our orchard comes into full bloom. The famous Yellowstone River Mother’s Day Caddis Hatch occurs anytime from early to late May. If the river is not flowing too high, it is one of the most exciting fishing experiences anywhere. Drift boats with eager fishermen float by our back porch all day.
Average High Temp - 72
Average Low Temp - 43
Average Monthly Precip - 1.60”
June is a beautiful month and, like May, it can be cool and moist or warm and sunny. It is still spring as Yellowstone National Park's expansive meadows bloom into colorful wildflower displays. Bison calves stay close to their mothers and velvet coats the bull elks' antlers. If you're lucky, you might see black bear cubs near Tower Creek. The mountains remain coated in snow and the contrast with the green valleys is spectacular. Tiny apples appear in our orchard and the Yellowstone River runs fast and deep. The smaller creeks and area lakes are the best places to fish during high water. Watch and listen as the river races by our back porch.
Average High Temp - 82
Average Low Temp - 49
Average Monthly Precip - 1.24”
Summer is in full swing by July. Expect sunny mornings, warm afternoons and some of the best evenings of the year. The orchard apples are small and too tart to enjoy, but you are welcome to try one if you dare. Fly fishermen search the willows for the first salmon flies and watch the river closely, awaiting the eruption of the large hatch of bugs that trout gorge on for a couple of July weeks. You’ll probably see salmon flies from the back porch flitting about in the last dusky light of evening.

Thunderstorms build and brief, drenching showers release the mid-summer smells of earth and sky. 

Average High Temp - 84
Average Low Temp - 49
Average Monthly Precip - 0.70”
In August our valley grasses cure out and turn to fall brown. It is the warmest and driest month of the summer. Some years the first fall snowstorm rolls through in late August, but you can mostly expect blue skies and warm temperatures. The high country is still green and full of flowers. In the Park, calves, fawns, cubs, pups and kits are all growing. The velvet elk and deer antlers of spring have been rubbed smooth. Plums are edible in the orchard but apples are still tart. They seem to grow larger every day. Morning coffee on the back porch is slow and easy. River flows are low, and fly fishing evening caddis hatches can be full of fish and solitude at the same time.
Average High Temp - 70
Average Low Temp - 36
Average Monthly Precip - 1.39”
The crowds of July and August dwindle in the Park during September. A peaceful quiet settles over the area as touches of golden dot the aspen groves up high and the cottonwoods along the river. The sky is a deep blue, and warm days are welcomed after cool mornings. Grab an apple or two from the orchard and enjoy a hot cup of coffee. Kids are back in school, but there is still plenty to do here along the Yellowstone River. Pull a fish out of the river or sit in the warm morning sun on the small beach below the Lodge. Hike to a backcountry lake or explore Yellowstone National Park without the crowds. September is a great time to stay with us.
Day Hikes
Always hike with bear spray in the Yellowstone area.
Be bear aware.
Knox Lake - An easy to moderate 4-mile hike through wooded and meadow country to a small lake full of brook trout in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. Trail begins at the Bear Creek Trailhead, about 10 miles north of Gardiner on a gravel Forest Service road.
Bunsen Peak - Climb a mountain in Yellowstone National Park! This steady, moderate climb of 2 miles ends on top of Bunsen Peak with spectacular views in all directions. Bighorn sheep may be seen on the way. Begin the hike at the Glen Creek trailhead in Swan Lake Flat, about 5 miles north of Mammoth Hot Springs.
Gallatin Petrified Forest - Drive up the gravel Tom Miner Road about 10 miles to the upper end of Tom Miner Campground. A short, easy interpretive trail will bring you to some petrified trees that were buried in a great mud flow long ago. Climb up to the Tom Miner Divide and find more petrified stumps scattered through the Douglas fir and lodgepole pine forest of the high country. Tom Miner Road is approximately 6 miles north of the North Yellowstone Lodge & Hostel.
The Historic OTO Ranch - Drive 1 mile up Cedar Creek Road to the Cedar Creek Trailhead. Park and hike up Cedar Creek Road past the gate, 2 miles to the historic dude ranch built by Dick Randall in 1898. Explore the now-abandoned buildings which are being restored by the Forest Service and volunteers. High above the Yellowstone, you will feel the magic that the dudes felt back in the teens and twenties when dude ranches were in their heyday. Cedar Creek Road is approximately 1 mile south of the North Yellowstone Lodge & Hostel.
Swimming Holes
On warm summer days, we like to cool off in the Yellowstone River. Right below the hostel is a small, private sandy beach (when river flows drop) with a nice swimming hole. It does not take long to cool off in these snowmelt-fed waters.
McConnell River Access is another good spot to cool off in the river with a sand beach close by. Don’t forget sun screen!
Chico Hot Springs is an historic, full service resort complete with a hot springs swimmng pool located about 25 miles north in Paradise Valley. This popular destination has excellent fine dining as well.
The Boiling River attracts many people to soak in undeveloped hot pools along the Gardiner River (about 3 miles south of Gardiner in Yellowstone National Park). The site is open roughly from dawn till dusk after highwater, which normally occurs about July 1. To beat the crowds, arrive in early morning and greet the sun as it peeks over Mount Everts.